A scientific-technical seminar “Chemical Risk Management: dioxin and PCBs in the food chain” will be held on November 13, 2015 in Bolonia. Organised by Lex Alimentaria, with 8 ECTS accreditation for food technologists.

The seminar will deepen scientific, technical and regulatory aspects on thefood chain chemical contamination, with particular reference to dioxin and PCBs. After identifying scientific and regulatory aspects, current best practices will be analysed with reference to the main sectors affected by the hazard (seafood, dairy, meat), adding a wide range practice.

The seminar includes two blocks of sessions for a total of 8 hours of training. The first one, held by Dr. Sergio Ghidini, PhD, Department of Food science, University of Parma, the second held by Attorney Daniele Pisanello (Lex Alimentaria).


  • What are dioxins and PCB’s ( dioxin-like PCB’s and others), structure, toxicological mechanism
  • The sources of dioxins and PCB’s
  • Strategies for Contamination management(meat products, fish products, dairy products)
  • Regulatory discipline and case developments regarding environmental and food contamination
  • Simulations on two case studies


  • Sergio GHIDINI is Veterinarian (1998), Doctor(PhD) in “chemistry, technology and food hygiene”. Since 2005 he’s researcher in inspection of food of animal origin at the Department of food science,  University of Parma, where he holds courses in hygiene and food inspection. He teaches in various schools, and inVeterinary Specialisation courses, and in accredited vocational training. His research focuses on risk assessment, with particular reference to the presence of chemicals in food. He has participated in research projects at national and community level and has published more than 30 papers in international journals.
  • Daniele PISANELLO, owner and founder of the law firm Lex Alimentaria, is specialist in food law. Trainer for EIPA (European Institute of Public Administration, Luxembourg), is Co-Director at the Food Ingredient and Health Research Institute, an American Association of Law, committed to food risk assessment.  Lawyer. Pisanello has been lecturer in food law at the Faculty of Law, University of Turin. He carries on intense outreach activities in Italy and internationally. In 2014 he edited for Springer “Chemistry of Foods: EU Legal and Regulatory Approaches”, and previously “Guida alla Legislazione alimentare” (“Food law Guide”) EPC books, 2010.

Training Credits

The activity is accredited by the Council of the National Association of Food Technologists [ETCS. 8]. Pending approval from the Guild of Agronomists of Bolonia [ETCS. 8].


Entry fee of 290 € (VAT included) for registrations received by October 26. For registrations after this date, the fee is € 340 (VAT included).

The registration fee includes coffee breaks, and lunch ( standing lunch), electronic documentation of the workshop and certificate of participation. In order to register, you must complete the online form available on this page and pay the registration fee by bank transfer or paypal.  The seminar will be held in Italian.


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