Food hygiene and safety

Experts in legislation on food safety and food hygiene


Compliance with the food safety requirements is a necessary element of product marketing. Lex Alimentaria works to carefully establish and manage the compliance of a process or a procedure with the necessary food safety legislation. This helps to construct a clear and successful dialogue with the food control authorities, business clients or consumers.

Among the services offered by Lex Alimentaria to its Italian and overseas customers are:

  • Regulatory alignment of the hygienic self-control manual with other company procedures
  • Drafting, verification and review of position descriptions in the health and commercial fields
  • Definition of marketing standards in third countries, in order to avoid disruptions to business continuity
  • Analysis of legal feasibility of new ingredients, products, food processes.

Other Practices

Food information and labelling

Food Law Compliance and Consumer Protection

Crisis management in the food supply chain

Product recall, Official Controls and Fines

Regulated products

Novel foods, Supplements and Nutraceuticals, Organic and PDO-PGI


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