Training courses in Food Law


For more than ten years, Lex Alimentaria has been providing training services in Food Law.
Daniele Pisanello lectures at courses, conferences and seminars in Italy and abroad, and teaches in postgraduate university programmes. In addition, he holds refresher courses in the field of Food Law for professional associations, consulting firms, companies and non-profits.

Among the most recent training events in Italy:

  • Lecturer of the Master’s programme Master Food Quality Management, organised by the Department of Economics and Management, in collaboration with the Department of Agricultural, Food and Agri-Environmental Sciences of the University of Pisa: III edition (February 2018) and II edition (February 2017).
  • Speaker during the course “Made in Italy and Food Law” organised by SCUOLA SUPERIORE DI MAGISTRATURA, Rome, 3-5 May 2017.
  • Chairman and Speaker at the conference “Food Technologists 20 years after the Founding Law” (Tecnologi Alimentari a 20 anni dalla Legge istitutiva), organised by the Italian National Council of Food Technologists, in collaboration with the La Sapienza University of Rome, Aula Magna Sapienza, 4 June 2014.
  • Coordinator for SCUOLA SUPERIORE DI MAGISTRATURA of the Working Group on “Commercial frauds in food and in non-food products; The position of consumer aware of counterfeit products in light of the judgement SU 22225/12; New possible liabilities for legal entities” (Le frodi commerciali negli alimenti e nei prodotti non alimentari; La posizione dell’acquirente consapevole di prodotti contraffatti alla luce della sentenza delle S.U. 22225/12; Nuove ipotesi di respons. delle persone giuridiche) 24 October 2013, Scandicci (FI).


Among the most significant events outside of Italy:

  • Trainer at the seminar “Introduction to the fundamentals of EU Food Law: principles, procedures & main regulatory components”, Luxembourg, 7 and 13 July 2016, organised by the European Commission in collaboration with EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (EIPA).
  • Lecturer for EUROPEAN CENTER FOR JUDGES AND LAWYERS (EIPA), as part of the seminar “EU Food Law: Principles, Requirements and Regulatory Components”, Ankara. 26-27 July 2010, as part of the Luxembourg Technical Assistance Program for Turkey, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  • Speaker in the panel “Changing Patterns of Food Safety Regulation in the EU and China: Comparative Perspectives on Multi-Level Governance”, Dublin, 17-19 June 2010, within the 3rd Biennial Conference of the EUROPEAN CONSORTIUM ON POLITICAL RESEARCH STANDING GROUP on Regulatory Governance on “Regulation in an Age of Crisis”.
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