Lex Alimentaria is an Italy based Law Office providing tailor-made legal service and consultancy to Food Business Operators, Associations and Public Administrations operating in the food chain. Here in Lex Alimentariaregula aurea is that specialization is the key. For this reason Lex Alimentaria cooperates with a wide range of highly specialized professionals in Italy, Brussels and beyond.

Lex Alimentaria has established a partnership with Indonesian MA Law Firm ( www.malawfirm.net ) dealing with acquiring and operating a business in Indonesia, advises multi-national companies on Indonesian laws with respect to corporate commercial, mining and resources, project financing and mergers and acquisitions. In particular, Maria Ardianingtyas (Senior Partner of MA Law Firm) is Counselor-at-Law for Lex Alimentaria Studio Legale in Milan and Jakarta.

Lex Alimentaria is tone of Italian Offices of European Lawyers, the European-based Law Network which embraces all World ( www.europeanlawyersevents.com ).