LEX ALIMENTARIA is an European Food Law Firm providing Food Business Operators, Consulting Firms, Certification Bodies, Associations and Public Administrations operating in
the  food  chain  with  tailor-made  legal  and  regulatory services. 

We are a multi-talented team led by Daniele Pisanello, a 10-year experienced food lawyer, and we are ready to assist clients with European and Italian Food Regulatory and Legal  Compliance issues. Through its four departments (Food Law, Trade and Labour, Administrative Law, Criminal Law) LA Firm offers integrated services ensuring a coordinated and  cost-effective  action  vis-à-vis  all  aspects  of  food business. 

Dynamic and client-oriented,  LA  provides tailored-made solutions designed to put clients in the position to take business decisions with a proper knowledge of all legal

LEX ALIMENTARIA drawes on a large network combining a wide  range  of  highly-specialised  lawyers,  food technologists, chemists, veterinarians, lobbyists operating in  and outside the EU. Up to 2016 we have acted on behalf of clients in Italy, Brussels, USA, France, UK, Germany and other countries.


LEX ALIMENTARIA's presentation (download)